Legend of Galactic Heroes

Over the past weeks, I have spent whatever free time available watching the acclaimed Japanese anime series called "Legend of Galactic Heroes". This truly is one of the best Japanese anime series I have watched to date and despite it's age the storytelling and epic scale of the series is outstanding. For those of you unfamiliar with the title of the series, the probable reason would be that it has never been licensed in English or shown outside Japan despite being more than 20 years old. It remains to this day a Japanese only anime, however many fansubbers have subbed the series over the years and you can catch the entire show on Youtube.


So anyhow, watching the series back to back inspired me to try and build one of the iconic ships of the series (Patroklos class Battleship) into an in-game model and fly it around the HW2 engine. After scrounging around for some good modeling resources I found that most of the design would have to be cooked up. So I played around and here's the what the low poly model looks like in 3D.

Bare in mind this is just 50 instances of this ship on screen atm. To be authentic to the series, I would need to put atleast 3-4 THOUSAND on screen at the same time, along with another 5-6 THOUSAND smaller cruisers and destroyers, and even then the fleet would be considered a small one by LOGH standards. Sadly that won't happen in the HW2 engine, unless I take away all the detail and shrink the ship down to the size of a fighter. So for the time being this is as heavy a fleet as I'm willing to push ingame.