Ronin Evolved

The Ronin Prototype project has been adapted into a commercially available 3D printed action figure that is now available at

I want to thank everyone who has shared interest in the Ronin and its development.  It has been many many months since the initial attempt to make the Ronin into a commercial product.  There are many reasons  for why this didn’t happen, but perhaps the biggest roadblock was the Ronin itself. Its design proved to be too unfriendly towards any reliable production method.  

Even as a straight 3D printing product, there were just too many objects and many did not print well on most printers. Additionally it required a lot of time spent attending to the prints and post-processing the parts. There was a lot of wasted material and time so as a commercial product I did not feel it would be fair to sell such a design that would be a frustrating project to buyers.

But from the months researching how to make the Ronin viable came a deeper understanding of how to design a better product.  And so the predecessor to Ronin was developed; Endo the 3d printed action figure.

Endo is a smaller more compact design that is made from fewer parts, is easier to assemble, more reliable to print, and snaps together for easy assembly without glue.  While there is reduction in the overall detail the scope for upgrading and customizing this new design surpasses the old Ronin figure, and as time passes I intend to support it with multiple upgrades and enhancements. All this and more can be seen over at where Endo is now available for download.

I want to thank everyone who has shared Ronin and his progress across the web and all who have shared their enthusiasm and support over the course of its development and evolution.